Artificial Intelligence the Next Anti-Malware Tool

Cyber attacks have become a global phenomenon.  Artificial intelligence seems to be a perfect solution to prevent the Microsoftcascading effects of these threats. Microsoft is said to be under pressure to deliver a cyber security solution that will work for millions of computers. The hackers are moving faster to cause havoc and make money. The aim is to prevent the attacks before they hit the main stream.  Many of the systems were attacked recently were using out of date versions of windows of windows operating systems.  Microsoft issued updates in May and June to fix these vulnerabilities identified by the National Security Agency.  Microsoft is working on building a system using 400 Pcs in the cloud that will incorporate millions of computers fending off malware. The objective is to create next generation of anti-malware using artificial intelligence.

Microsoft will use a range of data coming from its cloud programs like Azure, End Point, and Office that can pick up on malware for Enterprise and Security. The upgrade will be pushed through Windows Defender Advanced Threat protection, Browser Guard, Application Guard, Cloud related device Guard and Exploit Guard.  When a malware threat is initiated anywhere worldwide, it will be isolated in a virtual sandbox in the cloud. A signature will be developed and not affect the first user. The cascading effect will be stopped. A solution can then be developed and everyone worldwide will be alerted and hopefully protected.

These security features will initially be available for enterprise users. It will eventually be rolled out to all users. Artificial intelligence being used to be proactive in maintaining cybersecurity is the way of the future. Microsoft is diligently pushing forward to achieve with this goal.  We look forward to the seeing Artificial Intelligence protecting us from cyber attacks in the future. Do you have any ideas or comments on Artificial Intelligence as the next Anti-malware Tool? We would like to hear from you.

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