Gearing up for Next Wave of Fake News

The US political machines are gearing up for the 2020 elections. Fake news machines are also gearing up for the next Fake Newswave of fake news. Our last elections were plagued by fake news articles that helped sway the opinions of the US people. It was a new phenomenon to some. Many of these articles were accepted as truth and forwarded other unsuspecting readers. Concerned groups and universities started training students and alerting people of ways and means of recognizing these fake news websites.

We have to be more discriminating when reading articles that appear far-fetched. Unfortunately, much of general public believed the faked news. The effect was only recognized in the final outcome that startled everyone in the final tally. We have to recognize that winning at all costs is the rule of the day regardless of who gets hurt.

The goal of these fake sites is to disseminate misinformation and create a following so they can make money. In areas of the world and even in the US, some struggle to make a living and are being paid huge sums to spoof real news and spin it to produce a biased view of the world and reality as it exists. Create an eye catching title, spoofed over some real incident, spin it, mix it and turn it out so a reader is enticed to read and click. Their goal is to make money. They are not American and do not care how this information affects our opinions and lives. Fake News articles provides them an income with every click and sharing their false news. It is in our interest to learn how to recognize these bogus sites and articles.

The wheels are already spinning in preparation for the next wave of fake news.  People are buying fake Facebook accounts and preparing to initiate their arsenal of false news articles, hoping someone will, out of curiosity and lack of forethought will click and share their made up stories. The public also has to be as vigilant to recognize fake news and not forward them to others without thoroughly checking their source and authenticity.

Recalling How to recognize Fake news, explains how to fact check the source of an article before you click or share. If the title sounds bizarre, 99 percent of the time it is.  This link takes you to a place where these articles are created and listen to what they have to say. If you find this interesting please let us know.

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