Creating Zero Waste Reusable Packaging

Ninety one percent of the disposable plastic we use daily is never recycled.   Most of it ends up in landfills and in the oceans.  It used to be that waste plastics were sold to other countries to be used in manufacturing. That last option was closed when countries refused to buy plastic waste. A new company called Loop has developed an idea for creating zero plastic waste. What they are doing is creating zero waste reusable packaging.

LoopToteLoop began by encouraging large manufacturers like Proctor and Gamble, Nestle, Pepsico and Unilever to change their packaging process. These manufactures had a combines sales of 285 billion in sales in 2018. Loop partnered with these companies to re-design their manufacturing process to involve recycling with Loop to repackage their products in recyclable containers. This meant that all their products will be repackaged in reusable containers and delivered by Loop. The packaging is reusable and there is zero waste. This process hereby closes the loop from manufacturer to consumer and back again.  This is a perfect example of the slogan Reduce, Reuse and Recycle.

How Creating Zero Waste Reusable Packaging Works:

The consumer buys their regular favorite products and pays a small deposit. Loop ships the products  to you in a durable, reusable packaging. Loop picks up the empties in the reusable containers at no cost. The containers are cleaned and sterilized and sent to other customers. When you place your online order the process is repeated and delivered to you.

Loop ProductsThe testing manufacturing companies to created new assembly line models,  and streamed their production to fit the new mode of delivery. The products are the same just except for reusable containers. The delivery and return are handled by Loop. This provides a continuous flow from manufacturer to consumer. These companies agreed to this transition because they were aware that consumers would soon be clamoring for recyclable packaging. They were trying to get ahead of the game.

Pilot Projects

Loop launched its service in twenty cities with three hundred products and 1000 people signed up. In the meantime, Walmart and Krogers have signed up to carry their products in their stores. Customers Loop Productscan buy products in one company and return their empties at another since they are the same  products they are used to in familiar and reusable containers. Loop is adding new products each day and these include shampoo in various brands, Pet foods, Auto parts, laundry products etc. The products are sold online. Loop has partnered with UPS for the Pilot launch in New York. The products cost just about the same, except for a deposit which you get back when you return your empties. You simply call for free pick up when you are ready.

The goal was to make the process simple and convenient so it can be easily embraced by customers. Making zero waste products, accessible and convenient will draw more people to accept and finally close the loop of endless disposable waste.

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