Gmail Dark Mode Roll Out

Gmail has announced the use of dark mode for Android and IOS users. What this mode does is to flip the default white background to black. Dark mode allows easier reading and since the dark mode uses less  power it is also allows longer battery life. Both these facilities will be welcomed by users. The feature may take a longer time with some users. This dark mode feature is also being rolled out on other platforms and devices. Instagram, Samsung Galaxy smart phones, Google Chrome browser and Apple IOS and MAC software according to Apple support are also moving to Dark mode. The mode allows the user to focus on content and allows other controls to recede in the background.  

android phone

Dark mode is also the direction sought by Facebook. The mode has a already being implemented on Android phones. It can be implemented by going to settings and enabling it. On pixel devices dark mode will be implemented when battery saver is activated. The dark pixels save energy as opposed to lighter pixels.

For IPhone users the transition depends on the version of IOS you may have. With the new version of IOS 11, IOS 11 and IOS 12 the darker mode can be accessed from the settings section. Google has released a system wide dark mode option for Android 10 which changes the color of the phones’ menus and home screen, however only some applications support it. Use the link below to find out specifics for your own phone.

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